Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The rise of social media

Social media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat.... everyone has it, everyone uses it. But what good is it doing for our brains?

I got Facebook at the age of 15 and spend hours of my child hood strolling through peoples images of days out to the shops, holidays and fantasising about other peoples lives. I remember clearly obsessing over other people prom outfits, their new hairstyle and who their new boyfriend was. What I should have been doing is actually getting my head down and trying to get better degrees. A prime example of how you should actually listen to your parents.

8 years later, and it's got even worse. Gone is Facebook (well almost!), hello is Instagram, Instastories, Snapchat filters and more. I see teenagers walking the high street looking as though they had just graduated as a MUA, after I guess, watching hours upon hours of endless make up tutorials. But what is this doing to our brains? Are expectations of appearances higher?

Moreover, is the rise of the fitness fanatics. In the past, going to the gym was a daily occurrence just to feel healthy and fit. Nowadays, we scroll through Instagram, stalk fitness celebrities and strive to look much like them. Little do we know they are starving themselves just to post that sponsored post, sleep deprived due to the energy from their workouts and running low on money as they've just bought a haul of workout clothes.

What is your opinion on social media? Are we being brainwashed my society? 

Let me know 

J x

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Summer Of Festivals Reporter Competition

When the opportunity to apply for generator hostels dream summer job, I knew this was the perfect summer job for me! Being a keen blogger, photographer and festival goer, the opportunity to travel to European music festival seems like a dream come true!

Being a festival obsessed individual this role sounds perfect for my last summer before getting a full time job and leaving university! Fed up of interning in a bleak air conditioned offices in my previous summers has made me not look forward to a break from my studies fed up of making coffees and printing off spreadsheets.With friends posting Instagram's of their recent trips to the hottest festival around,the thought of not gaining money and skiving of work for the day is so inviting!

The best thing about festivals for me is the atmosphere and overwhelming sense of community you get when you enter the festival gates. The thought of meeting new people whilst listening to a range of artists from all over the country excites me that even staying in a tent cannot ruin the excitement. 

With marketing being my dream job I want to advertise the feeling of festivals to those who share the excitement as me, and get them in the festival mood this summer! After my recent marketing placement I have realized social media is a current trending route to target individuals who have a passion for festivals and follow artists every move!

This would be my dream summer job, and winning this opportunity will make my last summer amazing!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Summer outfits

With summer appearing round the corner getting my activities organised is the top of my priority list! I hate summers of sitting around inside doing nothing, watching tv so planning my day for day plan is essential. Along with all my plans, I have to plan outfits around this, from festivals, small breaks and beach holidays it essential to get this right! This is my wish list for each activity!

Festival outfits 1:

Festival outfit

Beach outfit 1:

What are your plans for the summer?

Sunday, 15 March 2015


Within the last month spring has suddenly appeared on us, with warmer days, the need for sunglasses, and later nights the need to develop the summer body has begun. With town being so close to my student house the only exercise I was doing was popping to town to pick up my weekly shopping. 

After my recent discovery of the famous 'Blogilates' page, my motivation for exercise has been rediscovered and the need to buy fitness clothes over a new pair of shoes has come into play. I have jotted down a few steps to get you motivated for this new season..

1) FOOD SHOP- When ordering my previous food shop I found myself picking up an extensive range of new foods that I've never even heard of before! From quiona (not sure how to pronounce it!), to almond butter and rye bread. Changing simple basics such as peanut butter to almond butter can change your lazy student lifestyle into a more motivated fit one! Despite the price, these products tend to last longer, give you more energy and make you feel more happy about yourself. Also avocado's only a £1!

2) START SIMPLE: Starting with a 5k run will never do any good, you will be out of breath, exhausted and de motivated to do any more exercise! This month I decided it was a good idea to start with something that keeps me motivated and encourages me to keep going. This month I'm following an excellent website called 'Blogilates' and their 'Blogilates beginners 2.0'. Its so fun, with a guide of which videos to follow each day and on sunday you even get a rest day which I love! And a lovely recipe to create, today i'm making the 2 ingredient pancakes so will post a photo later!

3) CLOTHES: I found stocking up on all the essential for exercise made me more motivated in the mornings! Getting changed straight into gym gear gets you in the mood for exercise and when your done makes you feel great for the rest of the day! H&M now do an great selection of new gym gear, for which I have definitely invested in!

4) SET GOALS: starting out small works the best for me however like everything in life setting yourself personal goals is the best way of achieving the impossible! Even if you just make yourself a to do list on your phone, I find this is the perfect way of acting as a reminder to oush myself!

My personal goals include
5K run by April

10K by June

Tough Mudder 2016
Half Marathon Late 2016

What are your personal goals? 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Travel Bucket List

Seeing as I'm currently saving to go travelling I thought I'd share with you my bucket list and what I wish to do on my travels! After reading through other bucket lists this really inspired to make my own to ensure I get them done so here it is! I wish to do a few of the general ones but also include some unique adventures.
Bungee Jumping
The generic bucket list experience a bungee jump, as scary as this seems I feel it definitely need to be done for all those adrenaline junkies.

Full Moon Party
On the famous 'Koh Phangan' island the full moon party is an all night beach party with travelers all round the world. I think this is definitely something I want to do an a great opportunity to meet loads of new people!

Hot Tub cinemaLocated in London I think this would be an amazing adventure to have a party and be in a cinema at the same time!

Sydney Harbour BridgeClimbing the Sydney Harbour bridge will be an amazing opportunity that I definitely wouldn't want to meet out on!

"Love Lock" bridge

What would be on your bucket list?

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Choose Tuesday: Playsuits

Choose Tuesday

Seeing as summer is fast approaching it seems more and more of us are starting to wear playsuits and dresses in these summer months! They are really easy to chuck on, can be dressed down with sandals for a beach day or even worn with heels on a night out! Recently I have purchased several for meals with friends and think they are the perfect summery outfit for all occasions!

1.Topshop - Pretty Lace Playsuit £48.00. Despite being on the pricey side, this playsuit is perfect for the races or a dinner!
2. Miss Selfridge - Petites Floral Overlay Playsuit £45.00. Bring the summer in to your life with this floral playsuit, perfect teamed with sunnies and sandals.
3.Topshop - Crochet Panel Playsuit £48.00. Definitely my favourite! separated into two sections, this playsuit has crochet detail for an added summer feel.
4. New Look - Light blue floral print contrast trim playsuit £22.00. The cheapest of them all, this playsuit will instantly make you want to go to the beach. Also teamed with a pair of black wedges will look amazing! 

Will you be buying any playsuits this summer?

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

wish list april

As its getting to spring and its almost pay daaay (yaaay!) i thought i'd share with you my wish list for this month! Its now out with the winter wardrobes to building up my summer wardrobe in preparation for the going abroad in the summer!

I currently have an obsession with sunglasses (my collection is HUGEE) and they are perfect to chuck in your bag everyday in case you need them. These ray bans are perfect for summer in a tortoise print, so are definitely worth saving up for. I also really want to invest in a new purse and have an obsession with ted baker after purchasing a new make up bag the other. This one is very sophisticated and can act as both a purse and clutch for nights out! Its fairly on the pricey side, however after recently visiting the Ted baker outlet store i found it for around £50 so will be definitely going back there.

My current MAC products are pretty limited so this month i feel i need to invest in some summery lipsticks to add to my make up collection. I will definitely be picking up these two lovely colours, and possibly "Neon Orange" to add to any dull colours that need brightening up.

                                     What would be on your wishlist?